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training abstracting aapl title curative mineral law oil & gas land leases petroleum landman legal career attorney at law 
training abstracting aapl title curative mineral law oil & gas land leases petroleum landman legal career attorney at law 

What is it like to be a Landman?

Negotiating oil and gas leases, finding all the owners of a tract of land, understanding how acreage is described, what are the customary practices while in the courthouse, meeting the landowners, finding all of the heirs to a piece of property -  these and many other things are what a landman does.  In this session you will hear from an experienced landman about what you can expect when you work as a landman.  There will be some great stories, some good explanation and plenty of time for your questions.
(Approx. 8 hours)

Getting Your First Job

Of course, you will be seeking employment when you leave the Academy and your success is our success.  We will assist you in finding work as a landman well beyond your completion of our training.  Our contacts are extensive and we will guide you in the best ways to network in the industry.  In this session we will advise you in how to search for a job.  We will show you how to research prospects and give you hints about landing your first job as a Landman. (Approx. 2 hours)  


It is imperative that you know your way in preparing title abstract reports.  You will be introduced to the methodology and processes involved in title abstracting, the forms that you will need to complete for an abstract and the use of the latest technology in compiling an abstract.   Two full days will be spent learning what is involved in abstracting and what the crucial role is of the abstracting process.  You will be taught in a courthouse and in a classroom setting. (Approx. 16 hours) 

Mineral Law 

A basic understanding of mineral law is necessary for all landmen.   In this session you will be presented with a primer on Louisiana mineral law by an experienced attorney that specializes in oil and gas.  Why Louisiana law?  Louisiana mineral law is unique unto itself and a basic understanding of mineral law in Louisiana will certainly make adjustments to the mineral laws in other States a much easier task. 
(Approx. 3 hours)

Title, Lease Checks, Maps, Technology and Other States 

Just as in almost everything, technology has impacted the way a Landman does his work.  In this session you will learn about digital mapping, digital flowcharts and the applications of databases.   You will also be taught about Landman title, lease checks and the differences in what an abstractor does in the courthouse as compared to the way a Landman does research in the public records.  We  will discuss mapping and the differences in land descriptions in other states.  You will hear from a Landman with many years of experience and one with a decade of experience. (Approx. 4 hours)

Title Curative, Due Diligence, Seismic, etc.

When title abstracts are completed and submitted for review, an attorney then renders a Title Opinion.  A Title Opinion is a narrative review of the history of the tract of land and usually points to problems and uncertainties in the title that need to be corrected. This correction of title is called Title Curative and it is a Landman that performs these services.

When a company sells a producing field, the buyer must confirm that all information being purported by the seller is correct.   The seller provides open files to the buyer and the buyer should be diligent in reviewing these files for accuracy.  This process is called Due Diligence and involves a variety of research.  This research is performed by Landmen.

Long before a well is drilled in a new area, a company sometimes conducts seismic operations in an area to make a determination as to the probability that there is oil or gas in the area.  Permission to enter upon lands in the area is negotiated so that these seismic operations can take place.   It is a Landman that secures from the landowner these rights to conduct operations on the land. (Approx. 2 hour)  

Well Research, Units, Maps and Governmental Agency Records 

A vital but sometimes more obscure part of a Landman’s research involves researching the records of various governmental agencies.   In this session you will see how well production research, production units and mapping are vital in determining the history of oil and gas production from petroleum lands.  You will learn how this research is conducted in a variety of states that are current active areas for Landmen to work.  (Approx. 3 hours)  

What is the AAPL and why should I join? 

The American Association of Professional Landmen is a professional organization that unites approximately 12,000 landmen and land-related persons through professional development and service.  AAPL's mission is to promote the highest standards of performance for all land professionals, to advance their stature and to encourage sound stewardship of energy and mineral resources. 

The American Association of Professional Landmen is the flagship organization of Landmen.  This national organization provides for the collection and dissemination of information, monitors  pending legislation, provides professional career development courses, and sets professional standards and ethics.  The benefits of becoming a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen are many.  A Landman needs to join the AAPL.  In this session we will tell you why.
 (Approx. 1 hour)

Testing, Feedback and Certification 

After you complete your training, you will be given a short test.  We need to know how well we did in covering all aspects of being a Landman and, of course, we certainly want to determine what you learned. 

And we want your feedback.  We are constantly looking for methods and ideas to improve our training.  Your input is invaluable to this process. 

After the completion of the training, you will be given a certificate showing that you have completed training at the American Petroleum Landman Academy. (Approx. 2 hours)      

This course encompasses over 40 hours of training.

Times are estimated and may be adjusted as necessary at the sole discretion of
The American Petroleum Landman Academy.

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